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This time the Salar Spire Com will explain how to create Contact Me in Blog by using the Contact Form Email provider sites, with use 123 Contact Form, Contact Form is often referred to as the "Contact Me" or "Contact Me", is an important part of your blog / website that serves as a medium korenspondensi formal and personal. Although there were plenty of other media, but the contact page of choice for maintaining privacy for both parties, namely the owner of the blog / website and the visitor / customer. This form also serves to avoid spam being sent via email. Already started to confuse you?, Ok wordy than just me explain

2. than sign up for free

 3.Click sign up

 4.then fill with complete data, then click "Create Account"

 5. You can edit the display in accordance with the wishes, if you are finished click "Continue"

  6.contents of the requested data, and the contents of YOUR PROFILE ID with the name of your blog, and  then click save

  7. Click “Continue”

  8. after that copy code HTML

9.  open your blog
10.move to “Rancangan”
11.choose edit html
12.then paste the code that you copied earlier.

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